Results of the Highest Quality

Our process is designed to uncover and secure candidates in the top 20% of their skill set that are at least a 90% match for your organization.   

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Search Priorities

Review and define position requirements, understand organizational culture and determine skills, experience, and competencies required to be successful in the role.

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Search Strategy

Conduct targeted research to identify top performers, develop a list of qualified prospects, and create a customized and tailored recruiting campaign.

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Engage and attract passive candidates using our proven methods, including cold calling, networking, and referral-based approaches.

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and Assess

Perform rigorous interviews to assess the candidate’s knowledge, skills, experience, track record of performance, and accomplishments.

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Presentation of


Provide a shortlist of the most qualified candidates, including a detailed candidate profile highlighting skills, experience, motivators and achievements.

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and Debrief

Prepare the client and candidate for interviews and provide insight and valuable advice throughout the entire interview process.

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Complete comprehensive reference checks to include key attributes, attitude, and critical thinking as well as verification of work history and performance. 

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Extend Offer

& Close Search

Work closely with the client to position the offer with the candidate, assist in negotiations, conduct onboarding discussions, and maintain consistent contact so the selected candidate is hired and retained. 

Finding exceptional talent is all in the approach.